As a performer I’ve spent a career writing and performing, but moving into being a ‘writer’ and a producer of radio is a rich new world I’m loving.

I’ve been the regular guest host of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera since 2010. In that time I’ve enjoyed hosting over twenty times episodes. My duties there have included interviewing guests, researching, writing script and suggesting and developing ideas and themes for the show. I’ve also been a featured guest in the regular segment Dear Mezzo Mom.

Working at the opera show really opened my story telling world. Since then I’ve created short radio documentaries, talk/tape pieces, personal essays and been a color guest on CBC Radio One and Two.

Writing is a growing part of my professional world. I most often write personal essay style, drawing from my life experiences as a mom, opera singer, struggling artist and spiritual seeker.   I’m fascinated by the human journey and why we do what we do.   I have so many more stories to tell.

Check out samples of my work in Read It and Hear It.

Company Production Date
CBC Radio 1 Reporter for short piece 'Nutcracker' 2010
CBC Radio 2/CBC Victoria Reporter for community postcard feature 2011
CBC Radio 2 Contributor for Dear Mezzo Mom/5 Segments 2011
CBC Radio 1 Regular contributor/ Tapestry 2012
CBC Radio 1 Talk/tape documentary Tapestry 2012
CBC Radio 1 Essay/ My Lesbian Wiccan Buddhist Christmas 2013
CBC Radio 1 Essay/Hip Hop Dance Class 2014
CBC Radio 1 Fresh Eyes/Documentary Tapestry 2014
CBC Radio 1 Souvenirs/North by Northwest 2014
CBC Radio 2 In Concert Guest Host 2013 - 2014
CBC Radio 2 Saturday Afternoon at the Opera Guest host and Associate Producer 2010 - Present