Workshops with Rebecca


noun/ work-shop/ \-shäp\
  • A place where things are made or repaired
  • A class or series of classes in which a small group of people learn the methods and skills used in doing something


Group workshops are one of my very favourite things.  I’ve had the privilege of working with groups as small as 2 and as large as 60 people.  No matter what the group gathers for, my workshops on living a more awake and fulfilling life never fail to resonate.

I offer workshops on topics such as:

Where am I?

What would make this a life of few or no regrets? What steps do I start taking today to make this happen? Discover how to take an accurate snapshot of today and how it can empower the future.

Goal setting

Whether you want to quit your job and sail around the world, or just learn find more time to read a book,  I have the tools to effectively get you where you want to be.  One year, five years or twenty years from now, goals of all sizes start right now.   With my tips, anyone can begin to create the life they want.

The Itty Bitty Shitty Committee

Fear voices can keep us locked up for a life time. Learn how to break free of those voices that hold you back.

Creative Energies 

Ancient Tibetan teachings offer insight into five principal energies in life.  How can you manifest the five energies of life with more wisdom and skill? Where are you trapped in confused action? Where are you living totally in wisdom? Whether you are tackling a project in a group, struggling to be more effective with co-workers or striking out on your own great idea, these guiding principles can illuminate a whole new way to work and live with ease.


If you don’t see what you need, drop me a note here.  I’m delighted to create a workshop custom built for your group.  Let’s talk.  


I’ve given workshops for: 

Opera Nuova, Calgary Emerging Artist Program, Pacific Opera Victoria Young Artist program, Victoria Conservatory of Music, Canadian College of Performing Arts, First Metropolitan United Church Women’s Group, The Belle Claire, St. Andrews By the Sea- Opera Workshop and Professional Development program, Weight Watchers Inspiration Group, Seniors Day James Bay Centre.

Workshops coming up in fall of 2016

The Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Canadian Opera Company Ensemble


St. Andrews Opera Workshop! Here I am with the faculty and students in 2015. Great program to be a part of.