Why work with Rebecca?

I trained and received my certification as a life coach, but that is really only a small part of what I bring to our work. Being a full time freelancer is something I didn’t learn from a book. I live it. I get up every day and think about what I will create next. I’m uniquely qualified to talk to anyone who works without a net or anyone who wants to take a leap in their life. I am endlessly creative, active and engaged in making the life I want to live. I am courageous in saying no, so I can say yes to the things that really matter.

I’m working with the world every minute. The natural world is not my enemy. It has a flow and energy and I’m here to ride the wave of the day.


I’m committed to helping those actively creating their living. As your coach, I’m here to assist, reflect, illuminate and arm you with tools that will increase your clarity.

My commitment to you:

To be honest
To be gentle when needed
To be your champion
To reflect back to you your authentic wise self
To assist you in walking your talk in the world.

I’m committed fully to your success.

You will learn to:

Stay motivated
Walk through tough scripts that are holding you back
Beat your monster’s who are eating your life
Learn your life’s purpose
Live fully every day in a way that matters to you and those around you