Who does this?

People just like you. This isn’t therapy. This is looking to the future with fresh eyes. The people who come to me are saying things like this:

I’m not sure I can keep doing this.
Why aren’t I happy?
I feel like I’ve tried everything.
I’m scared to ask for what I want from life. What if I don’t get it?
Maybe I’m just not good enough and I never will be.
I don’t even know how to start.
I just want to feel peaceful, but that seems to be impossible.
I don’t know what I want. What does success even look like?
I can’t give up my dream, but I’m too scared to pursue it.
I’m waiting for a sign.
I’m terrified I’ll be found out as fake.

The answer to all these questions is in you.

Working together, you will find your answers and create a new powerful ground. From that dot, the space that is fresh without habit or fear, I will assist you in making a plan. You can create the life you want to lead starting right now.