What is this?

As a graduate of the Co-active Training Institute in San Francisco (graduated 2007/Certified in 2009) I have always known that my clients were creative, resourceful and whole. Nothing was broken, or needed fixing. I’ve worked with a great variety of people over the years, but all with one thing in common. They were stuck. Stuck comes from many places, but at its base, stuck comes from a basic doubt or fear about life. We don’t trust ourselves and we don’t trust the world we are living in.
As a coach, I work on getting my clients unstuck and moving ahead. In our work clients discover their innate wisdom and gain the confidence to act. Coaching is work that looks to the future. I support clients in making fulfilling and inspiring plans. Together, we build a tool kit for their daily lives. One that will serve them as they continue on.

buddharesizedI’m a practicing Buddhist and the work I’m doing I find is reflected in a teaching from the founder of Shambhala-a Buddhist path for householders. His name was Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and he created a path for Westerners who wanted to benefit from the ancient teachings. You can learn more about that here Shambhala.org

When I say I coach people to live on the dot, here is the thought behind that:

“Primordial dot-that spark of goodness that exists even before you think. You have an inclination; in the flash of one second, you feel ashewhat needs to be done. It is not a product of education, or science or logic. You pick up on the message and act on it. That is what we call the dot, or basic goodness and unconditional instinct. . You don’t think-you feel, on the spot.

Having experienced that first dot-what comes next is appreciation of the first good thought, which is called the stroke.

If you’re true to yourself, as you draw out your stroke, you begin to realize what is good for you and what is bad for you.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche from the book – Great Eastern Sun

As your coach, I’m here to help you re-discover the dot. Being on the dot means that you don’t know what comes next. It’s a gap. A space. The space from which anything is possible and your wise action will emerge.

Imagine it. Free from doubt, fear, with no preconceived notions-what would you move towards?

The dot is potential, the potential to do anything. Freedom.