The Offer of a Fresh Beginning

Did you know that more people make resolutions for fresh starts in September than even New Years?   I guess we never get over that first day of school and the love of  a ‘clean slate’ start.  The new pages, the pencil case, the new year at school full of possibilities.

With that in mind, why not make an appointment with me today for a complimentary life coaching session? Have your own clean slate start with a professional life coach at your side.  You can book a forty-five minute session with me, to take place over the phone, Skype or in person if you happen to be in Victoria, and find some new tools from my Resonant Life kit to move you ahead in your fresh start this September.  I offer this initial consultation free of charge so that you can test drive the tools and see if it serves you.  This complimentary session is worth $100.00  and may be worth even more to you on your path.

Email me today to book a time or to ask any questions you need to.

More information about my services and the profession of coaching are provided below:

What is a Coach? A coach is a committed ally and will partner with you to create the life you want.  A coach guides you on a tour of yourself so that through being yourself you are able to live your life fully.

Why work with me?

I love my work.  I love working with my clients and assisting them in fighting for what is right in their life, in overcoming the obstacles that they put in their way, and in living their life creatively with great resonance and ultimately peace and satisfaction.  As a professional musician (opera and concert singer) I know what it is to have a passion and a dream.  I know what it is to live on the edge and what it is to take leaps of faith for what you believe in.  I’m also a fully certified professional life coach with 4 years of private practice behind me.  (Learn more about my training at  I’ve worked with singers and musicians and business people at all levels and assisted them in moving towards happiness and peace in their lives.

What will you get out of this?

What do you want in your life?  Together we will name it and create your unique way to claim it.  We will create a map and you will have the tools to get where you want to go.

Life doesn’t need to be a pastiche of wants and needs that are unmet leaving you frustrated and feeling lost on your own journey.  You have the power to change it and everything you need is already in you.  As your coach, I will help you see it and use it.

What clients say about their work with me:

I love my life.  I love how deeply I feel things and that I can roll with laughter one minute and cry the next because of a loss.  Thank you for helping always put all of this in perspective!


Rebecca has helped me to realize that at one point in your life you need to stop being a student of voice and jump into the scary water of being a professional singer.  That it is o.k. to make a living with your talent instead of always giving your time and energy away for free.  That one still needs to make a living and provide for their family when they’re a creative person.  That one needs to value their own talent, before anyone else will.


Rebecca listens with a wise mind and open heart.  Her technique of asking guiding questions enabled me to identify for myself the impediment preventing completion of a languishing project.  Her practical forward –looking approach to an immediate problem generated speedy results that have already had empowering effects in other areas of my life and work”


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