The Secret to Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

Here are my tips about New Years Resolutions summarized from my recent interview on The Daily with Karen Elgersma for Shaw TV.

How do you empower your resolution?
Use the S.M.A.R.T. goal tool.
S-specific. What do you want to accomplish?
M=measurable. If it can’t be measured and have a date attached to it, how will you know you got it?
A=Accountable. In moving toward a goal it is useful to have someone hold you accountable for achieving it. It will give you support, a cheerleader, and help you beat the temptation to give up
R=Resonant. Goals are what move you towards your big life agenda. It honors your deepest values and creates meaning in your life
T=Thrilling. Resonant goals are alive and exciting. You can’t wait to get started on them. They are thrilling to contemplate in action and in result.

Most of us are pretty good at the specific and the measurable so let’s look at the other three. First off, don’t slip up on being accountable. Tell five people a day what your goal is. Tell the checkout girl, the cab driver, and your dog if you have to. Keep talking about it and see your cheerleader’s show up and the universe start to pitch in to help you get there.
The two we tend to completely ignore are Resonant and Thrilling, which is a shame because they are what power us to success. Goals built on ‘should’ don’t have traction and don’t get reached. You should lose weight, you should quit smoking, you should stop watching “The Bachelor”, but you don’t. ‘Shoulds’ don’t have a fuel for change. They are tired and heavy and full of recriminations. Resonant and thrilling are things that matter to you.

So how do you turn a ‘should’ into a Resonant, Thrilling, and authentically personal goal?

Ask yourself this question: If I achieved this, how would I feel in January 1st, 2013? What would I have gained? What would be possible in my life then, that isn’t now?

“I don’t do New Years Resolutions!”

New Years is the magic elixir for change. Everyone is asking you what you want to change; it is like your team for change is ready and waiting. It is a great way to kick start accountability and get some juice and some support for what you want to change.

Other Secrets to Success?

Put away the whip already. You know, the one you use to beat yourself for not measuring up again. Focus on success, small steps, gains. Get a party blower, or a bell or a cup of confetti and throw it for yourself every time you take a step towards what you want. Every time you walk by the cookie jar-Hurray! A victory!

How do I find my resonant and thrilling resolution?

Tired of losing the same old 5 pounds? Mix it up this year and pick a new goal. Pick something you want more of in your life. Love, fun, laughter, creativity.

Remember when you were five or six? What did you love to do? What was the most fun? Painting? Riding your bike? Making sand castles? Reclaim something you loved from child hood. You probably still get a kick out of it. Take a painting class, take a day on the bike trails or take a pottery class (the grown up version of sand castles I think)

Look back to a peak moment in your life? Want more of those right? Who was there, what were you doing? Where were you? Recreate this with what your life holds now. Maybe it is time to join a choir again or volunteer for the church outreach. You already know what makes life feel better.

Drop me a comment and let me know your resolution and how you will make it stick. What works for you?

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