Road trip

The Metis Flag

The Metis Flag

I’m writing this I prepare to close my suitcase. I’m off early tomorrow to begin my long awaited trip to Ontario to explore my Metis heritage. This is a significant personal story and I’m very excited to creating a radio documentary about it for The Doc Project and The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio One. Along with exploring the culture of the Metis with my cousin who is an active member of that community, I am preparing to return to my Dad’s birthplace and see where his ashes were spread four years ago. My dad, who always felt that he was of the land, would be so proud to see me claiming this heritage and finding out how I live it in the 21st century.  How is culture lived I wonder? Is it the food? The music? The stories? Or is this an identity that one carries around deep inside?  Knowing now that for my Grannie it was shame, it feels strange that for me it feels like a source of pride.  All those years I hunted grouse, fished and wandered the woods of the French River I felt more at home there than any opera house or large city.  Was that my ancestor, Magdelaine Pewadjawonkowe , peeking out of my dna?

I will have many stories to share and pictures. I will post as I am able.  In the mean time, wish me safe travels on my adventure.


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