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In 1993 I found myself working at something other than singing for the first time in my life. I was 28. When my dream of an operatic career seemed to be lost , I did what any sane person would do. I went to see a psychic. Basically it was my plea to the universe to tell me it was all going to work out. I was pretty broke. Finding the 100 bucks for the session with the psychic required a creative tactic. Sorry feminists, desperate times called for desperate measures. I was working at a fancy restaurant in Toronto, and I found that hanging coats on the upper level of the closet, while standing on a stool, in a short skirt, really helped inspire male patrons to tip. I paid the psychic with a bag of loonies and toonies. It was a proud working girl moment.
I was nervous and excited the day I finally went to see her. I was desperate to hear that my operatic career would rise, like a phoenix from the ashes. When I walked through the door and she seized my arm and whispered fervently “Don’t tell me what you do. I don’t know what you do, but I have to tell you this-you should be a writer. If you aren’t a writer, you should have been. You must write”

I’m published on the web. Here are links to two articles posted on the Canadian Media Guild site.

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You can hear my writing in this personal essay for radio. This aired on The Sunday Edition. I ask the immortal question-Can a 50 year old woman learn to do Hip-Hop?