Performers Coach

I’m so excited because this week I’m giving classes and working one on one with singers and collaborative pianists at The Canadian Opera Company.  When I became a life coach almost 9 years ago I wondered who I would coach. I have enjoyed coaching people from all walks of life, but as a life long performer and teacher of voice and performance craft, I have always felt compelled to work with performers.  As I tell them often now, nothing gives me more pleasure than taking all that s**t from my struggles and dark times  and turning it into compost for the next generation.   Coaching has allowed me to find the tools that would have set me free, and gives me the opportunity to pass the opportunity for free and powerful living and performing onto the next generation.

I was a member of the ensemble for four years. From 1987 to 1991 I toured across Canada and performed in smaller opera’s and on the MainStage for The Canadian Opera Company. It was my first gig out of school. I learned so much there. I am very grateful for all those years gave me as a professional singer.  Here is a photo from my time in the ensemble.  Can you find me? In the red dress? IMG_3408 Off I go to finish the work on the classes. We’ll be digging into fear voices, what fires up your muse, and how to transform from student to the artist you have always admired.  It promises to be a rich and inspiring few days!

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