Performance Mentor

The highest levels of performance come to people who are centered, intuitive, creative, and reflective-people who know to see a problem as an opportunity Deepak Chopra.

I love this quote because it so well presents the challenge every performing artist faces. Do you stand in your struggle and use it as fuel to feed your ongoing bad opinion of yourself? Or are you ready to rake up your personal ‘manure’ and start composting it? You can grow some pretty great things in what you’ve learned so far. It’s through the composting of your ‘yuck’ that you can become ‘centered, intuitive, creative and reflective’ as Deepak Chopra says. From there, you will grow the next great creative garden in your life.


I came to teaching through my love of performing. As a voice teacher I’m a studied pedagogue with a technician’s ear. My passion for teaching comes from my love of the voice as an instrument of communication.

In terms of singing, I experience the singing voice as the most amazing paint box. It’s full of colors. The more colors a singer has the greater their power to tell stories that move people.


In my mentoring I combine my experience as a teacher, my long career on the road as a professional performer and my training as a Life Coach. I am invested in guiding singers to fully express themselves as artists, at whatever level they are currently at. It is my mission as a performance mentor to combine solid, safe pedagogical singing with the emotional and mental work of freeing the singer up to use their voice. I am at home in opera, concert, art song, and Broadway and American Song book standards. I teach classical bel canto style as well as ‘belt’ technique.

Who I Teach

I work with all sorts of students.   This includes those preparing to enter University or those in the middle of their post secondary studies,performers who are embarking on or who are already involved in a professional career and I love passionate beginners.   You can come for a tune up, a spit and polish of your audition package, to prepare a role, or come and let’s step up your work to the next level.  I’m currently offering private performance coaching at the  The Victoria Conservatory of Music.  Please contact the Conservatory to enquire about lessons.   I’m also on faculty with the Canadian College of Performing Arts where I teach a group class for up and coming triple threats on how to put a song across.