My Metis Journey

My latest radio documentary is “Culture in a Card” and airs on The Doc Project on CBC Radio One December 13 and 16th and is also available on demand here as a podcast.

It is a deeply personal story. From my blog on The Doc Project:

My dad died four years ago. Dad grew up in an isolated community in the north of Ontario. He was estranged from many in his family, but when he died my mom wanted to have some of his ashes spread where he grew up, the French River. She reached out to her nephew, my cousin, Eddie Hass. As they were catching up, Eddie shared a long buried family secret.

We were Metis.

Eddie had discovered it when…to read more, click here.

I wanted to share a few more photos of my dad. A guide. A hunter. A fisherman. A Metis.

And of my amazing journey to Ontario to discover my Metis roots.


Dad and I in 1978 with partridge from the hunt in front of the log cabin he built me as a kid.


My Dad up a tree, topping it. He bought his spurs at 65 and was active in trees until he died at 78.


Early 1950’s Dad as a guide on the docks at Lift the Latch on the French River. Dad is on the far left.

Version 3

Dad as a young man in hunting season.


Richard Meilleur, teaching me a song at the AGM of the Metis Nation of Ontario in North Bay this summer


My cousin and mentor, Eddie Hass, and I. This was taken on the French River after our Metis ceremony at Two Mile.


The honoured guest arrive by voyageur canoe in North Bay for the AGM


My Dad showing me portage technique like the true Voyageur he ended up truly being.


Marcel Labelle overseeing the canoe building at Laurentian University in Sudbury. My rib is in there!


Marcel, the Metis Elder who gifted me with the experience of splitting by hand a piece of cedar to make a canoe rib. On the left, his wife Joanne, Marcel in the middle and me on the end.


One of Marcel’s canoes at the AGM in North Bay.


Fletcher and Clara and I in our sashes.

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  1. Bill Morrison

    Hi Rebecca: Thank you for taking the journey to the past. So many of us are afraid of what we might encounter. You are blessed with the Hass’ spirit and you have a beautiful family. Congratulations.


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