Let it Go

acceptimageIn a conversation I had today about Feng Shui a friend told me they had a little book called the Feng Shui of Clutter. That book says that we wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. So what’s up with the other 80% of my clothing that I’m not wearing?

Clutter guru Peter Walsh  espouses the same thing.  He teaches his clients to find their 20% by having them hang the clothes they wear at the front of the closet.  After six months,they can see what is in the back of the closet that they haven’t worn once.   If it hasn’t been on your body, he says, stop and ask yourself- Why do I  keep it.

Indeed.  Why do I keep things I don’t need?  Why is letting go so hard. Of even a shirt?

This weeks theme for me has been letting go.  I kind of wish I’d started with clothes, instead of the bigger issues, but you have to deal with what is on your front burner on any given day it seems.

I found just the teaching I needed in a book.  I’m reading  a book by my friend, Jim Sacamano, it’s called Getting Back to Wholeness.  The chapter on finding ones’ ground really spoke to me.  Life’s like that. If you pay attention, the thing you need is right there.

Finding ground

He offers many ways one can experience ground.   From the obvious physical sensation of lying on the  actual ground to the idea of ‘being grounded’ , to laying down and accepting what’s going on.  That’s the one that I’m wearing  like a ‘Hello my name is’ badge.  Laying down with the inference of accepting.

See? You felt it too.

You had a shiver of revulsion, right? That phrase to lay down and accept something. Ugh.  It’s the  language for quitters. I’m not a quitter.

The opposite to laying down and accepting, in my mind, is to stand up for yourself!  Stick to it! Don’t lay down and take it!

When I looked up the definition for accept, it all boiled down to this:

                     Take or receive

 So there is no sense of giving up. It feels more like allowing.

This week has been really pregnant with accepting what I don’t like.  How else can I accept what I don’t want but to let go of what I do want.  What has surprised me is how kind that action seems to be. Kind to the people in life I want to change and kind to me.  It was a much softer experience then what I’d been up to.

I love my mind. It thinks it’s so clever that it can just figure it all out.  It just knows it will get it figured out and then  it will fix it.

What a pompous ass my mind is. 

I’ve given my mind a holiday pass (or perhaps I’ve exhausted it)    And slowly but surely this week, I’ve been practicing letting go-accepting.

It’s not at all like quitting.   I’m finding as I practise lying down and accepting that while things aren’t as I wish, I can be with them as they are.  From that place there has even been some really positive decisions this week.

A practise that is more about heart then head.- letting it be as it is – is my moment to moment practise.

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