Hear it

Here are some samples of the audio work I’ve done that I’m proud of.

This spring I was lucky to be selected to participate in The Doc Project at CBC Radio.  It allowed me to create my first long form documentary under the mentorship of Karen Levine, the documentary producer of The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright. ‘ The Gift’ aired on Mothers Day 2015.

Click here to listen to ‘The Gift


How do I, a middle aged white woman survive encroaching menopause? I try to meet the demons of aging and mid-life spread with a hip- hop class. This aired on The Sunday Edition on CBC Radio 1 in September of 2014.

I discover that the selfie isn’t all my camera in my phone can do. It can be a conduit to the rich world of here and now. This is my radio documentary about the Buddhist art form of Contemplative Photography. It aired on Tapestry on CBC Radio 1 in September 2014

My family and I try to renegotiate Christmas with all the idiosyncrasies that a modern family can hold. This aired on North By Northwest on CBC Radio 1 in 2013.