Clients Speak

According to a survey of coaching clients, “sounding board” and “motivator” were the top roles selected for a coach. Clients are looking for a coach “to really listen to them and give honest feedback.”

Suddenly the dense fog had lifted and I saw the road I have trudged through for 30 years not knowing what it was about or if it was leading anywhere. NOW I see the road ahead I must finish to get to my destination.
Thank you for guiding me through.” NC

Rebecca helped me to clarify what was important to me and she helped me to define my values. She has given me the tools to live my most authentic and satisfying life possible. She taught me that I ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. I can always make a different choice. She taught me that there are many different perspectives, many different ways I can look at any situation or challenge. She taught me how to live life in a way that HONOURS my values. In turn, I am much better equipped to deal with the challenges I face. I found the work that we did together to be motivating, practical, and extremely exciting. I am truly grateful for her guidance, support, wisdom and love.” S.H.

Rebecca has helped me to realize that at one point in your life you need to stop being a student of voice and jump into the scary waters of being a professional singer. That it is ok to make a living with your talent instead of always giving your time and energy away for free. That one needs to value their own talent, before anyone else will.” B.C.

Rebecca has been invaluable to me and I thank my lucky starts someone told me about her. I never thought I would need a life coach but she really helped me to see a different perspective to my life…I think the most valuable lesson I learned was finding out just what is important and valuable to me.” AS

“When recommending this service , I tell people that it is an investment in themselves. When I’m taking time for this work I can offer my best self to those around me. Rebecca is a compassionate, understanding and intuitive woman who has helped me shine a light on my strengths and dime the light on my critics inside. Thank you, Rebecca!” CB

“Anyone who thinks about working with Rebecca should know that she is unflinchingly honest, that she has no fear of dealing with difficult questions, that she is so deeply respectful of the human artistic spirit that one feels instantly at ease with her. She has helped me to tap into my Best Self, and I am still on the journey. She is an intrepid and always enthusiastic guide.” KB

Rebecca listens with a wise mind and an open heart. Her technique of asking guiding questions enable me to identify for myself the impediment preventing completion of a languishing project. I did really appreciate her ability to cut to the heart of the matter without simply offering me a solution of her own devising. So many people offer advice or try to fix other people-not very empowering! Her practical, forward-looking approach to an immediate problem generated speedy results that have already had empowering effects in other areas of my life and work.” J.J.

“Many people had told me that they had thought about going to a life coach, or that they were thinking about it after our conversation and Boy, did the cheerleader come out then! I feel that going to see a therapist or life coach is still something people hold secret and private, sometimes for fear of others thinking “she’s going for help, because she can’t handle it”. I believe it’s quite the opposite. It’s wanting to understand yourself better and to move forward with making positive changes in your life. That’s not a weakness, it’s a strength…When it comes to this girl, I’m ready to shout it from the rooftops “Life Coaching Changed My Life In Such A Positive Way”! I’ve shared my “Life Coaching Experience” with friends, family, colleagues, one of the ladies that works at Bolen Books, and even complete strangers (including the Bolen books lady), and I’ll share it with anyone who is interested in listening.” S.J.