Auditioning-The better way to look at it

When you go into an audition what are you looking for from the panel?  Do you hope to be hired?  Do you want them to like you?  Do you wish to impress?  Sing your best?  All things I have thought on many occasions.   Have you thought that if you just want it enough you can make it happen?  This is a trick question.   You are looking for something, and because of that, you aren’t in a very powerful position. Below is a blog from 2009 that, due to a crash on my site , gets a reposting.  Reading it again in my files I knew it was still important for every singer who auditions to think  about changing their goal in the moment of the audition.  Read on and let me know what  you think works best for you?

I have great affection for a bumper sticker I once read that said

“You are not what you think you are”

It had a great surreal ring to it.

And yet, my experiences in life tell me that people are EXACTLY what they think they are.

Think you are “dumb” and watch your behavior support that.  Think you are socially inept?  Guess what, that is how you are behaving in every interaction.  The people around us are pretty busy maintaining their own life stories and will take the story you are schilling without looking deeper.  Believe you are weak, easily led, bossy and ta da! You are.

As I spent a lazy morning I watched Kelly and Regis over coffee and happened to see the latest Idol runner up interviewed. Kelly praised Adam and talked about how he seemed to be just what people were looking for at this time and his performances every week were ground breaking.   I was bowled over to hear Adam Lambert reply:

“I think the key is that some people go into looking at it like it is a competition….if you go into it with the perspective that this is a platform, this is an opportunity and I’m going to use this to my advantage and you go in focusing on performing your best and competing with yourself and not with the other competitors it can really be a great experience.”

If you are an idol follower- as I am-you marveled this season at Adams brash artistic flair and unbelievable vocals.  But I also was struck by how even keel he was. The pressure, the expectations and the criticisms and the praise never seemed to affect him.   Even in defeat, I didn’t see him flinch, despite the fact the popular feel was that he was a shoe in for winner, from the press to the judges.   When he said he ‘focused on performing’ his best and saw American Idol as a ‘platform’, I realized he couldn’t be upset about not winning because he didn’t sing every week to win.  He sang as an expression of himself on an international stage platform.  He saw it as an opportunity each time.  Not an either or, win or lose perspective.  That is one powerful perspective.

Adam shows us the true power of perspectives.

You choose the one you want to stand in.  Several perspectives are true or hold some truth for us.  True-It was a competition.  He could have chosen to see it as such.  But that didn’t help him do what he wanted to do each week.  He could have stood in the perspective of “This is a party for me”which also has truth in it, or “I hope my mom and dad are proud of me” or ”What does everyone else think of me?”.  All of these are could be perspectives and have truth in them.  Try out this experiment:  Place yourself in those different perspectives and notice how it changes your body language, your instincts about what to do and say next and how you feel about yourself and others.

If you went into your rehearsal, audition or next public performance with an intentional perspective of:

“ I’m focusing on giving my best and not what result comes my way, or whether anyone else likes it ”

what would you be free to give?

What feels easy about this perspective?

What seems really hard?

What is possible moving forward if you believed this was true?

Tell me about your most powerful singing experience and what was in your head at the time.  I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Rachel

    Hi Rebecca,
    enjoying your blog archive BUT ESPECIALLY HAPPY to find this post because 1- i’m entering the summer program and grad school audition time of year and 2- I really really love Adam Lambert 😀 so this was like the ideal post for me to read in this moment


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