52 Weeks of Change. Are you Ready?

This year I will be posting a weekly video with an idea or word for you to contemplate. It will be short. And it will be simple. But not necessarily easy.

Contemplation is the process of hearing an idea or concept or word and allowing it space to roll around your mind. Instead of fixing the answer or solving it as a riddle, you just examine the idea deeply. What does it mean to you? What past experiences have you had with this? What feelings does this cause? Is it comfortable? Uncomfortable? How does it live in your life today?

Contemplation allows you to go deeper. To know something on a wordless level. In the bones.

As we skate along in life allowing our ever clever minds to tell us stories about what’s happening and who we are, now is a good time to question and be curious about these assumptions. Test out the truth of them. Contemplation is a process to facilitate this.

I call my program:

Sit. Stay. 52 Weeks of Meeting Yourself.

As a meditation I believe in taking time daily to be who I am, where I am. I sit. I see what arises in my mind. And I bring it back to the experience of being present. Sitting.  I’m training my mind to stay. Just like I trained my dog fourteen years ago. Funnily enough, when I think of this as a metaphor I realize that getting the dog to sit wasn’t so hard. The stay was, and is, very challenging. So it is for my mind. Challenging.


In these mini contemplations I’m assuming that you are engaged in some sort of mindfulness/practise. It helps to be working on your sit and stay before you take on a contemplation. If you want to start a practice or would like some support in your ongoing search for a practice please join me for my next Facebook live meditation session. You can find details on my FB page here.

Meanwhile, here is the contemplation for week one of 2017.  Enjoy.

Sit. Stay. Week One.

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