To Squeeze or not to Squeeze

IMG_3785Why sit and stare at a wall for an hour a day? as my daughter describes it.

There is not doubt that people eye me very suspiciously these days.  When I tell people you meditate the first thing that bursts from their mouth is “I could never do it”.  After the initial “not for me”, they wonder why I do.





I’m in my second month of a three-month challenge to meditate thirty hours a month.  I’m doing it as part of the prerequisite to a meditation guide-training course. That’s the on the ground, daily life reason.  But really, why? When I have a never ending ‘to do’ list’, why would I ‘waste’ time sitting?


To squeeze or not to squeeze.


IMG_0998These days I notice that a benefit of my meditation practice is less squeeze.  At any moment, I could start to worry.  There is no shortage of personal things to worry about, or worldly crisis.  In fact, isn’t there something wrong with a person who isn’t worried right now?



But I’m not always worrying.  I have the fear filled thought, but I just don’t always think it very long.  I don’t need to repress the thought.  I just chose not to think about it.  I let the thought go.   I come back to right here, right now.




I squeeze myself less.  I don’t spend so much time in the vice grip of what if, or why did I.





Why do I meditate?  It has taught me to see my world, when I’m not staring at a wall.

Miksang is a dharma art I practice.  The pictures in this post are from that practice.  What do you see?



Christmas ornaments from below in James Bay

Christmas ornaments from below in James Bay

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    1. Rebecca Hass

      If you want to check out meditation, try this video or look for a group meeting locally you could join. The goal isn’t to stop thinking, but to meet your mind. Perhaps rather than ‘clear the chatter’, I would say, notice the chatter and come back to the breath. Coming back over and over again, not chasing the thoughts. It’s a process and very experiential, and because of that I hesitate to tell you what your experience will be, or should be. If you wish to explore meditation, find a group and locate a meditation instructor to work with. That’s my best suggestion and good luck!


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