Show me a Sign!

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind

Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

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When I was out walking today I realized that I’m surrounded.  I’m surrounded by signs.  Signs that are there to protect and instruct. Let there be no misunderstandings they say. This is what you need to know. And this. And this.  Why should I worry when I am so well protected by signs?

Of course, my personal life could use some.  I’m sure they are there but they aren’t so black an white as the these ones on the street.  In fact, it seems that the signs I want in life are mostly only obvious in the rear view mirror.  At the time, I miss them completely.


Don't Stop. Anywhere here.

Don’t Stop. Anywhere here.



Some times in life, I just should have moved on sooner.





Then there’s that evil little voiced creature in me that speaks nothing but doubt and fear. I’d like to give that voice a time limit.


Dreams of the twenty year old me really need to be let go of.  What’s past is past. I don’t need to replay the movie of what I ‘should’have done. Definitely a ‘don’t enter’ zone.  IMG_1614




Why am I always in such a hurry?  Patience would have been a good sign to have payed attention to.  If I would just wait.    Just wait.





But sometimes I saw the sign.IMG_1619

And then I  took it more as a Vegas challenge.  Double down.  Try twice as hard.  I ignored the sign.  Put on my blinders. I couldn’t see it even when it was staring me in the face.


Even when there was an obvious threat.IMG_1621






Maybe because I wanted to think there was a divine plan for me.IMG_1620





If I could post signs in my life today I think this is what I’d have them say:

Whatever happens, you are enough.

We all have bad days, and that doesn’t make me a bad person

Like the weather, if I don’t like what I have, just wait, it’ll change.

The bottom line

The bottom line


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