September is about making space

For me, this September is about making space for what matters.  I found it was pretty easy to identify what matters, but I couldn’t get to it for all the clutter of my life. How to make space?     I used one of the most powerful tools I know of.  It’s radical, but I’m willing to share it with you. The word I’ve started to use is…..


Every day in so many ways, you are saying yes and you are saying no.  That’s because every time you say yes, whether or not you clock it, you are saying no to something else.  If I say yes to going to the movies with you tonight, I’ve said no to my plans to clean the house and bake some cookies this evening.  This is fine if what matters to me is going to the movies with you. This is not so fine if I really only had tonight to clean and it has been driving me crazy that the house is a mess, and that I promised my daughter she would have some fresh baking for her school bake sale.  Make sense? 

You just have to know what matters, and then use that little word.

N O 

This fall I’m a YES  for a few things.  I said yes to The Canadian College of Performing Arts where I will be teaching Connections this year. It’s a great class about how to connect with the lyric as a performer.  

I also said yes to NXNW on CBC Radio One, where I’ll be debuting the weekend of September 12 as a Life Coach columnist.  I’m thrilled to be starting out by talking about goal setting.

Other Yes’s

I’m hosting Gotta Getta Gimmick’s October 5th show celebrating the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I’m developing a cabaret of Judy Garland music and stories called “Friends of Dorothy”

I’m involved in a rich program of study of Buddhist psychology as it applies to the Western life.

I’m keen to create some great radio docs this season and explore writing more columns.   I’ve made


S  P  A  C  E


to read, think, stare out the window, and to just get out and explore my world.   As a creative artist, I’ve made space to be inspired. This is, for me, the hardest space of all to make. I had to say NO to quick money up front  to create this space.

I’m saying YES to the life I’m really here to live.  I hope September gives you a chance to do the same thing. 


My son making space for a new passion this summer. Photographing clouds from Gonzales Hill in Victoria BC.


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