Life Lesson #642

(probably should be rated higher, but it took me this long to get to it )

“What doesn’t bend breaks” Ani Difranco American singer , song writer and guitarist 1970

Scottish proverb:  better to bend than break

I have loved reading for my book reviews this summer.   In terms of goal setting skill it was tremendous to have a Monday deadline to finish the book of the week and have something legible up for you to read.  Especially when I received notes from people who actually read the reviews.

Knowing that you are out there reading and knowing that I didn’t write a new review this past Monday, I come to you today, bending so I don’t break.  My life in the last month has flowered so powerfully in opportunities and work that I have to say I feel like if I’m any more creative I will explode.  As a creative person reading this blog you know that creativity goes in waves.   Sensing the ebb and flow of the creative tide I prepared to fill my summer with a self created reading and writing project.

Little did I know that I was about to ride the crest of a wave that is in danger of becoming a tsunami and wiping me out.

If you read last week, you will know I’m currently in Vancouver finishing up my second week at CBC radio 2 where I have been guest hosting for a vacationing Bill Richardson.   I have been writing at a feverish pace.  The scripts for the opera are intense and summarizing an opera in 7 minutes turned out to be much more tricky than I realized!  I’m grateful that I could write my rough draft an a producer would come and clean up and mold my clay into a presentable radio product.  (Thanks Denise, Matt and Matthew and Rosemary)

On Monday past I got a call from The Belfry theatre in Victoria where I had auditioned earlier in May for their musical that debuts in November.  It is called The Life Inside.  It is a new musical drama and I was offered the workshop for next week and the show that starts rehearsals in October.  I am already learning a script (no kidding, I ,an opera singer, am learning a script)  for another new musical that debuts at the Victoria Fringe Festival and at a theatre festival on Gabriola Island during the last two weeks of August.  That one is called Smalltown: A Pick-Up Musical.

(On a side note-I will later write about the voice of fear that I had to slay before I managed to go and do my first audition with a monologue in my entire professional career. )

I have to bend or I will break.  I have to take a brief hiatus from the weekly book review posting.  The good news is I’m not abandoning the list because I am really enjoying the reading and writing.  The bad news is that it will take into September to finish now.  Sort of my way of extending the summer!

I hope you can forgive me for this, but as a life coach I know that life must be lived in suppleness.  And as I encourage you to keep questioning the choices in how you live your daily life, I too, must to it.

In the meantime I will be posting about my summer of creative fire!  It has been full of lessons and learnings that I want to share.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you like or hate what you read here.  What do you need some tools for?  Let me know and I’ll incorporate into the blog.

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