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One of my favourite things in my life right now are my regular appearances with Sheryl MacKay on CBC Radio One’s North By Northwest. In my role as a personal wellness columnist and Life Coach.  You can hear the most recent episode here  and back episodes by date, here.

I bring a new topic each month to Sheryl and we have a great conversation. My aim in each and every column is to entertain, enlighten and provide some take away tools that help people make changes today.  This past year Sheryl and I talked about many different things. Everything from the practical world of  how to set goals and how to get more balance in your life to the more personal topic of how to start a meditation practise and even which self help books about positive thinking are really worth the money. Am I the only one who remembers The Secret?

If you want to catch it live, you can hear me on CBC Radio One in British Columbia, usually the third weekend of the month.  If you miss it, I always post a supporting blog for the latest column and a link to the podcast here.

Have something you always wanted to ask a Life Coach? Why not drop me a line and ask me the question you have been dying to ask. I’m always looking for ideas for my next column, and if you are struggling with it, it’s likely others are too. I’d love to tackle it in an upcoming column.

 I’m Secretly a Witch!

Catch me acting, not singing, with the Victoria Symphony. It’s called Hallowe’en Spooktacular and it’s part15493157380_1d25e6e272_zof the kids concert series. It takes place October 30th, 2016. Learn more at their website.






When and where will I sing next?

I’ll be appearing with the Vancouver Symphony in the new year. Details to come!