Happiness Ideas Coming In

My ‘Happiness is’ project is stirring different responses  for each of us on the road, but I’m seeing some themes.  The first common theme is ‘time out’.  The out of town gig give us the pre- approved time to do all those little projects  (reading and arts passions outside of our work) that get short shrift in our daily life at home.  Extremely busy and popular repetiteur and coach Kinza Tyrrell feels that way.  Baritone Doug MacNaughton wrote me an impassioned note about cooking, music and a schedule that bends to his whim as being a primary joy.  Another theme emerging is connecting to  people  in different cities and different walks of life .  Gwen Maroon, lover of the arts and creative gardening genius sees that as one  of the great flavors of road life .  In that same sense of adventure, several of us like to explore new places and take advantage of our business travel to immerse ourselves in sights and sounds of the land we are in.

Did you recognize yourself in one of these themes?  Or do you derive happiness from something I haven’t even mentioned?  I can’t believe no one mentioned that rehearsals never start until 10 a.m. at the earliest.  As a mom of two school aged children I love not setting the alarm.  Ah, Happiness they name is slumber uninterrupted.

What gives you Happiness on the road?

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