Fernwood Finds

IMG_1859I live beside a very cool little Victoria neighbourhood called Fernwood.  Your town probably has its own version.  The homes are mostly smaller, and the larger ones are split up into income properties for renting.  There are many students, artists, curb side gardeners and quirky people in and around Fernwood.  One of my favourite things to do is to take a walk through Fernwood on a sunny day and see what people are ‘recycling’.  When I say ‘recycling’ I mean, what have people decided they don’t want any more, so they leave it on the edge of the sidewalk and their lawn to passed on to the next person who needs it. My house has benefited in the last few years from some very useful objects.  Everything from lovely glass dessert bowls, a large canvas freshly cleaned and ready for painting to a foam wig styling head (my daughter needed it for her cosplay projects).

I so love, what I now call, my Fernwood Finds.  I’ll be sharing them with you.  I’m not sure why these tickle me so much.   Maybe it is the solid knowledge that I’ve saved the landfill from the burden of all this crap.  Maybe it is the childhood feeling of lost treasure found or maybe it is just the thrill of getting something for free.  In the end, it totally doesn’t matter.

What does matter is todays find!










I was tempted by the paint, and while I was there inspecting them a young woman came up and was thrilled to find that those little books were not journals, but rather, photo albums.  What luck! she squealed.  She is moving and many things aren’t going, but the photos are and they needed a home just like this.  She clutched them to her breast and thanked me, and I didn’t manage to tell her I was just a side walk shopper like she was.  In the end, I didn’t take the paints, but instead, seized the blue leg warmers pictured on the right.  I was sure they would be a great find for my daughter.  Of course, once I was home with them she seemed pretty non plussed by my excitement. Maybe this is another case of giving the gift you want to give?

I remember leg warmers a bit more like this…..legwarmers

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