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This summer I’ve been lucky enough to teach several workshops in Creative Living Strategies for young singers entering careers.  It has been so rewarding to dialogue with so many artists about their journeys, their dreams and their struggles.  I’ve closed each class by offering up books that have guided me on my journey for those who want to do more work in one area or another.  I thought I’d share it with everyone here on the blog.  Here is my reading list, just in case  you want to do some work on your self while you work on your tan this summer.




The Now Habit by Neil Fiore

A practical how to guide and has bee a best seller for many years.  If you want to make charts to keep track of the little steps in goal setting this is the book for you.

Twyla Tharpe- The Creative habit

A famous choreographer, Twyla shares her creative process in creation, but also gives many questions to help you explore your own creativity, it’s origins and how to discipline yourself in applying it.

Martha Beck-Steering by Starlight

Oprah’s Life Coach, so how can you go wrong, offers real, practical tools to decide what your calling is in life.  Easy basic coaching tools made accessible.

Byron Katie-Living What Is

If you need a kick about the story you are stuck in, Byron Katie might be the girl for you.  She give a clear tool in four questions to help you dump the lie you keep telling yourself.  She is tough, but effective.

A Masterclass in Gremlin Taming-Rick Carson

Well know for his work with Gremlins, if this is your issue, his books are informative and have lot’s of fun graphics and inspiring encouraging tools.

The Power of Intention-Wayne Dyer

He has written lots of books and I’ve read many of them but this is my favorite.  If you ware a fan of The Secret, this book actually explains how to be what you want so you can get it.   Loved it.

Full Castrophe Living-JonKabat Zinn

The leader in the work of mindfulness (meditation without the Buddha)  He comes to it without a faith affiliation and gives great information on how to live mindfully day to day.

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